Do You Know What You’re Arguing About?

TL;DR – Use the Problem-Solution-Implementation (PSI) Model to get and keep your teams in sync when they’re making decisions and implementing changes in your organization.


Don’t Paint in Seagulls

This is another commonly used analogy from Sandler selling, equally applicable to any other conversation you might have. Again, I’m doing this from memory, so


Leave Out The Ball Bearings

This is a common story they tell at Sandler sales training, but I’m repeating it here from memory – I might have some of the


Pick Up The Phone!

Why, When, and How to Escalate Communication Channels One of Headspring’s distinguishing characteristics as a provider of professional services to enterprise organizations is that we


Getting All The Liars in One Room

When is it time to “Call the Meeting?” TL;DR If you have more than two people involved in making a decision, and it’s not happening


Managing the Emotion Pendulum

How to help clients feel good about a project because it’s their idea to feel good about it. This is a mental model I’ve found